IMG_1561Greetings and salutations! My name is Bernhard Isopp. I am a PhD Candidate in the Science and Technology Studies (STS) program at York University in Toronto, Canada. I currently do research in the area of public understanding of science (PUS), in particular how science (mostly climate science) is presented in the media and other public forums.

Much of what I write on this blog will be inflected by bits of my research or other topics in STS, PUS, and related fields, but this is not intended to be an academic or specialist blog. When I do write about such topics, most of the time I will strive to do so informally with the hope of introducing academic concepts and discussions to a broader audience, though undoubtedly at times I will lapse into specialist debates. In the end, however, many non-academics will probably still find these discussions too unfamiliar and specialized, while experts will find them too general and unrigorous.

Overall, and perhaps unwisely, this blog does not have an explicitly narrow focus or theme, and will mostly consist of rants and ruminations on whatever topic inspires me enough to write.

For a longer reflection on my hopes and concerns for this blog, check out my inaugural post.