“Ethical Omnivorism” is a False Moral Choice

Yesterday the Toronto Star published an article with the title, “Why eating vegetarian may not be the most ethical diet.” It’s been a while since I’ve seen one of these kinds of misleading articles, so I guess we’re about due for one. This is less bad than most but the article title and lede (“loading up on fruits and veggies at the superstore won’t save the planet — or your soul”) are unfortunate, and like most lazy controversy journalism the article offers a set of quoted points and counterpoints without offering relevant background information. Continue reading ““Ethical Omnivorism” is a False Moral Choice”


A Conversation about Animal Rights and Star Trek: TNG

SM: So I was thinking about the value of the natural world for animals versus the sometimes materially more prosperous/leisurely one of captivity/domestication, and it got me thinking about the Prime Directive in Star Trek. So anyway, I wanted to ask, if you were an alien and stumbled upon earth in your interstellar ship in 2000 BC, would you overthrow the Pharoahs and free all the slaves or just let it keep happening?

Bernhard: Yeah, I never thought about animal ethics in that context. I guess I would uphold the prime directive. Continue reading “A Conversation about Animal Rights and Star Trek: TNG”